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An Illinois Resident is defined as a person who ...
in good faith makes application for any license or permit and verifies by statement that he or she has maintained his or her permanent abode in this state for a period of at least 30 consecutive days immediately preceding the person's application and who does not maintain permanent abode or claim residency in another state for the purposes of obtaining any of the same or similar licenses or permits covered by this code. A person's permanent abode is his or her fixed and permanent dwelling place as distinguished from a temporary or transient place of residence. Domiciliary intent is required to establish that the person is maintaining his or her permanent abode in this state. Evidence of domiciliary intent includes but is not limited to the location where the person votes pays personal income tax or obtains a drivers license. Except for the purposes of obtaining a lifetime license any person on active duty in the armed forces shall be considered a resident of Illinois during his or her period of military duty.
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